Move to Improve (M2i): A global movement concept

University of Hull sign

Dr Adam Nicholls has been successful in a Youth Sport Trust bid of £47,541, to develop a web/app-based tool called M2i (Move to Improve).

Dr Nicholls, co-investigator (in conjunction with Prof Dave Morley, Liverpool John Moores University), will assess movement proficiency in children across the UK, observing the delivery of movement coaching/teaching styles, and assessing their psychological well-being in sport and physical activity settings.

M2i will be used by a variety of professionals and organisations that work, study and operate within the PE teaching, sports coaching and physical activity sectors.

The app will also feature children’s and parents’ support programmes and synchronisation with existing school reporting mechanisms. The research team will longitudinally track children’s proficiency in motor skills and the teaching of movement skills by teachers and coaches who are involved in the project.

M2i will be integrated into the Skills2Achieve platform currently being developed by the Youth Sport Trust. The development and dissemination of the tool will be targeted towards integration with Skills2Achieve as well as a stand-alone product, to maximise its potential within the marketplace.

The project will assess the psychological impact of being involved in the M2i programme, such as well-being, motivation, and intentions to exercise. This complements Dr Nicholls’ ongoing research projects into psychological well-being that have been funded by the Ileostomy Association and the World Anti Doping Agency.

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