Grant for c£338K – Economic and Social Research Council/Department for International Development

University of Hull sign

Co-Investigator: Dr Elsbeth Robson, Department of Geography, Environment and Earth Sciences

This new research project will focus on the effects of Social Cash Transfers (SCTs), looking at what factors shape pathways into and out of poverty for youth and young people’s experience of these. It also addresses how can policy create sustained routes out of extreme poverty in ways that can be replicated and scaled up.

The project focuses on two countries that have instituted contrasting SCTs in the past decade: Lesotho (social pensions and child grants) and Malawi (SCTs to ultra-poor labour constrained households).

This project is led by PI Dr Nicola Ansell (Brunel University). Dr Elsbeth Robson (University of Hull) is CI together with Co-Is Dr Lorraine van Blerk (University of Dundee), Dr Flora Hajdu (Swedish University of Agricultural Science), Dr Evance Mwathunga (University of Malawi Chancellor College) and Ms Thandie Keromamang Hlabana (National University of Lesotho).

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