Grants awarded in June 2015 (over £10k)

Each month we publish a round-up of grants awarded in the Faculty of Science and Engineering over £10k. Congratulations to all staff on their awards.

The awards for June 2015 are as follows:

Dr K Earle, £12,000, Hull City Tigers Ltd, PhD Sponsorship Agreement

Mr P A Marshall, Dr C Wilcox, Dr H White£15,000, Hull City Tigers Ltd, Injury screening using the Functional Movement Screen in academy level footballers – Studentship

Prof M Wang, £62,983, Department of Energy and Climate Change, Process Intensification for Carbon Capture with new solvent

Dr A Dyson, £46,590, Office for Naval Research, Theory of Transport in Semiconductor Devices

Dr S G Maher, Dr S J Archibald, Dr A Beavis, Prof J Greenman, £30,000, Castle Hull Hospital Trust, Biophysics Research Project

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